SAFU family, the SAFU team has been eagerly waiting for the very first launchpad project! Our expected launch was the 10th of June 15:00PM CEST.

As we wanted a fair launch and allow as many people to participate, we had added a guest tier to the launchpad. This new addition of the tier, revealed some errors identified during an internal audit.

To ensure the SAFUty of our investors as well as avoid any loss of funds, the SAFU and Kawi World team decided to push back the launch date to Tuesday June 15th at 12:00 UTC.

Many of you were highly anticipating this launch, and to compensate for the delay, both SAFU and Kawi world decided to provide an opportunity to win a small reward when participating in the IDO at a later date. Both teams will allocate different rewards: From the SAFU team, $SAFU and from the Kawi World team, a lootbox from their game!

Both rewards will be based on a lottery system, where investors with different invested amounts/ tiers will be rewarded.

  • Spend Amount > 1 BNB = Lootbox to one lucky winner!
What could be your lucky treasure!

If you are participating from the SAFU launchpool, each tier will have their own lucky draw winners.

  • From bronze tier, 3 random people will be awarded 100$ of $SAFU tokens
  • From silver tier, 2 random people will be awarded 200$ $SAFU tokens
  • From gold tier, 1 random person will be awarded 500$ $SAFU tokens

That’s not it…

Although the IDO is delayed, you will be able to interact with the slick launchpad design on 10th of June 15:00PM CEST.

Stay tuned for any more updates!

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