Token Swap

We are in the final strides of our rebrand process. It has been an arduous couple of months for the team as we have been strenuously working on the backend to ensure the quality of our product.

Our new platform will have several ecosystem parts that work together to create a powerful one-stop-shop in the NFT place. We are still a little early to reveal every detail, but we are proud to say that there isn’t anything like it in this space. We also want to make sure we keep it that way as well.

The rebrand will migrate our whole ecosystem mainly over the Ethereum network. Although it won’t solely remain there (meaning we will be bridging at one point), our reasoning has to primarily do with how much volume in comparison the NFT market is focused on the Ethereum chain.

One of our final steps involves collecting tokens to swap them out for the new token. We created our own unique swap portal to make sure that we can fully migrate our ecosystem to the new smart contract (Tokens, LP, etc.).

The swap will remain available for a couple of weeks (Precise date TBA). You will have until then to either swap out your tokens or sell them on the market.

We will halt DEX trading May 10, 2022 at 10:00 (UTC). Our reasoning is simple: It has come to our attention that some people are keen on taking advantage of this grace period and take advantage of the rebrand and dump on the market.

Continue to expect more updates as we will be giving more announcements in the coming days.

Walk Through for Swap

Step 1

Make your way to (Link) the swap.

Step 2

Connect your wallet that holds SAFU (BSC). You can find this on the top right hand corner or in the center — highlighted in the image below. Please ensure you have enough funds to make the transfer happen.

Step 3

Click ‘Deposit’ and ‘Approve Transaction’. There will be two transactions — First to approve spending and the second for the transfer.

Step 4



Why use the swap?

The swap will allow us to calculate precise migration data across old holders.

I have SAFU, but it won’t connect or swap?

Please ensure that you have the right SAFU. You may still be holding V1 SAFU (Click here to read more on how to migrate to V2) or you do not have the right SAFU at all (CEEZEE $SAFU: Contract Address 0x00xx)

What if I don’t want to swap them or connect my wallet?

You are free to sell your tokens on the market and re-enter upon the rebrand. The dApp is 100% safe and is just a simple UI interaction to send and claim tokens later on.

What if I have $TANK tokens?

If you have $Tank tokens please fill out this form. These will be sent manually after calculating the prices.




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