The CEEZEE $SAFU Ecosystem

One of the first questions people ask when they see a new coin is: “So… what can it do?”. A valid question where many tokens lack real substantial answers. I’ve found that a lot of money is lost and stolen due to misrepresentation of utilities, or pure FOMO to make a quick buck.

Always go back to the fundamentals: Is there a future with where my money is going?

Let’s look at $SAFU. Yes, there is a depreciating supply, but it’s calculated and controlled (in a good way) unlike any other coins out there. The Tx fuels the whole system for users to invest and have fun with.

Here is a sneak peak:

  1. NFT market: Collect our awesome CEEZEE NFT and be eligible to yield from the reward distribution. How? Due to the nature of our smart contract, the NFT will also be entitled to claim rewards from the SAFU NFT platform (Finally, NFTs that can actually make money for you).
    — — — — — — — COMING SOON — — — — — —
  2. SAFU Launchpad: A safe place for you to invest in promising projects via Initial Dex Offering or Initial Liquidity Offering. Also, we will be funneling a portion of the listing fees back to the ecosystem to help pay out the rugged victims on our charity swap!
  3. Staking: Stake $BNB, $CAKE, $VENUS and collect rewards from the $SAFU staking platform!
  4. SAFU Zone: Those who have been in the meme coin market will know: Memes are everywhere. The SAFU ecosystem celebrates each content creator for their creativity and ingenuity. But, why stop there? Why not get paid for your time and efforts?
  5. Rugged Charity Swap: Check out our rugged pairs and cash in your rugged projects for $SAFU! Don’t see a rugged coin? You can vote which pair to list! Our goal is to be a stepping stone for lost funds to have a second chance to moon!
  6. SAFU Bets: Test your prediction skills and use $SAFU tokens to make predictions on certain pairs.

We have many more exciting projects under constant development. We are also constantly tweaking and adjusting our roadmap to be exclusive among the thousands of altcoins in the market. Don’t be surprised with changes!

Important Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with CZ or Binance in anyway