Rugged Charity Swap

How to whitelist

Our whitelisting period will start from May 9th until May 16th, 2021 (Closing time TBA)

We will be donating 10 billion $SAFU evenly to all successfully whitelisted candidates (requirements below). Further, we want to thank Neural Pepe and Fox Finance for generously participating in the donations!

You will be able to navigate to the whitelisting chat bot on our official Rugged Charity Swap portal. A bot should activate immediately and start engaging in conversation with you (See Fig.1 below).

Fig. 1) Whitelisting Bot

Spread the word to all rugged folks, because we will also be doing our part in reaching out to the general public!

  • At least 300$ lost due to a rug pull
  • Hold at least 25 million $SAFU token
  • Have a valid telegram account
  • Have a valid twitter account
  • Wallet address
  • Transaction ID that proves purchase of rugged tokens that is the same as the wallet address above
  • Meme about CEEZEE SAFU on twitter with a link to it

Please be reminded that any fraudulent behavior will result in being permanently blacklisted. This means that you will never be able to participate in the current and upcoming Rugged Charity Swaps. Fraudulent behavior includes: Buying rugged tokens on purpose, spreading rugged tokens to multiple wallets, and creating new tokens. Further, keep in mind that we will not be accountable for any error on your end when filling out the whitelisting form. This includes using a different wallet address to the transaction ID, wrong telegram handle, wrong twitter account, wrong link to meme page on twitter.

The $SAFU team is not responsible for confirming spelling mistakes or a copy/paste error. If you have not been whitelisted, it is because you have not completed a criteria correctly, so PLEASE double and triple check.

You will be able to check your whitelisted status by connecting your wallet. The status will not be updated on a first come, first served basis. We will make an announcement to all users before the commencement of the Rugged Charity Swap to check status.

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