Play to Burn: Update

Beloved CEEZEE community! Our long awaited lottery is finally in its FINAL finalization stage!

That means, our very own unique buy-back-reward-burn feature will be rolling out VERY soon.

Let me take a moment to reiterate how awesome this is. Unlike any -rise type tokens out there, this feature is decentralized. How so? You as the user get to manipulate the pool that is specifically allocated to buy-back and burn $SAFU and $TANK tokens.

These tokens that are bought back ultimately get burned and are removed out of circulation forever. Furthermore, 10% of the buyback amount is returned back to the user! So not only do you pump your own bags, you are constantly rewarded for playing the game.

We’ve had a lot of surprises revolving around the release of Play to Burn. Now that it’s approaching release, we can finally push forward! Yes! In the coming days, expect sudden hints and news that drops from the core team members.

It costs 5 BUSD to play (added to P2B pool) or $SAFU/$TANK equivalent. When played, a number generator will cast a number to automatically assign a number between 0–999. The generated number will fall between a tier system that has an assigned burn amount.

As the winner, not only do you burn $TANK and $SAFU tokens, you are entitled to 10% of the winnings.

Just to reiterate the percentages (not the $ amount), you have a 96% chance to win! We want you to win!

This is happy-surprise-announcement number 1 out of many that is to come.