Old $SAFU to Revamp $SAFU

Thank you for being so patient while we tried to resolve issues with the BSC scan holder load. We have still yet to hear back from BSC scan, and instead have been corresponding with the Etherscan team. Unfortunately, they shared that there was nothing they could do on their end (As Etherscan). Further, we spoke to our pending exchange listing about our problem and was advised to do a contract relaunch for the listing.

After further discussion, we decided as a team to relaunch our smart contract and conduct a manual swap on our main page (Check dates below). We felt that this would be better for the future as we can not keep waiting for a third party to resolve this issue. In the long run, we do believe it will be better for us to get more traction with product development. By conducting the swap, we will be able to launch our pool on Pancakeswap V2, further we will be visible on BSC scan upon launch.

The swap will be 1:1 and we will airdrop a reward for users after swap is completed. The swap-portal will be open until the last person swaps. The launch price of the new SAFU will be the same as the price when we halt all trading on old SAFU. We will lock a new liquidity pool and launch trading right away on V2 liquidity pool when swap opens.

We are redeploying our smart contract and relaunching SAFU

Details in bullet form for easy reading:

  • Pancakeswap pool V2 instead of the old V1
  • Visible on BSCscan (without waiting for reply from BSCscan)
  • Easier for CMC or CG listings
  • Advised by exchange (listing one week after token swap) to redeploy
  • Swap is 1:1
  • Portal is gonna be open until all swaps have been completed
  • Let the community know 1 day prior to swap
  • Price = Same as when trade is halted
  • Seed investors lock-up will continue on new contract
  • SAFU will keep the same ticker (but have a new contract address)
  1. Lock all transactions on (GMT): Wednesday, 28 April 2021 13:00:00
  2. Swap portal opens on (GMT): Wednesday, 28 April 2021 14:00:00
  3. $SAFU will be tradable right away using Pancakeswap V2

When you participate with the swap on mobile applications (trust wallet or Metamask) DON’T forget to use the in app browser to visit our swap page.

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