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Welcome, to one of the very first community powered Venture Capital company in the world.

The beginning

Tank started development many moons ago. While working in close collaboration and cooperation with SatoshiStreetBets, there were several areas of needs that quickly surfaced.

One of the biggest problem that rose (and continues to rise) is the over saturation of meme tokens that beckon a quick pump and dump. Although winners feel ecstatic with their gains, legitimate project owners are left feeling used and abused. Further, this herd mentality in quick gains leaves eager project owners filled with anxiety to tackle such a difficult crowd.

The tides have quickly turned in the 2021, where the word ‘marketing’ can be translated to something like “Twitter spam, telegram spam, reddit spam, pay youtubers six digit figures, buy extremely expensive billboards, and so on”.

Projects that fail to pamper their crowd quickly lose interest, or fail to collect the right funds to even start.

This is where CEEZEE Tank steps in.

  • Do you have a great idea, but lack the connections or funds to start a project?
  • Do you have an existing project that is extremely promising, but lost steam and need extra funds?

This is your chance.

For those who want to start a project: Instantly gain attention and awareness + raise funds

For existing project owners: You don’t have to sell your own tokens to raise marketing budget!

What do you have to do? Share your passion and make a pitch!

Ape Tank

Ape tank is a brutal arena. Aspiring CEOs or eager project owners will stand in front of the toughest crowd and do a voice pitch.

SatoshiStreetBets, is one of the most widely used and respected places for people to find hidden gems. The administrators there have weeded through hundreds, if not thousands of tokens. By pitching in front of them, you are playing with a double-edged sword. While getting a ‘no’ may not be favorable for you, but a thumbs up will bring authenticity and awareness to your project.

By partnering with SSB, Ape Tank will be run and organized by Satoshi Street Bets!

This will be the first preliminary round in the process of gaining your funds.

Read this article to read more about the different packages as well as the process [Link]

Tokenomics | IDO Prices

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

  • 25% Public Sale: 2,500,000,000,000
  • 10% Locked Liquidity: 1,000,000,000,000
  • 50% Staking and Farming: 5,000,000,000,000
  • 11% Marketing, Development, Partnerships: 1,100,000,000,000
  • 4% Seed: 400,000,000,000

Total of 10% tax per transaction

  • 5% of tx collect as BUSD add to Pool A (Investing Pool)
  • 1% of tx Redistribution
  • 4% of tx collect as BUSD add to Pool B (P2B)

Public Standard Tier: 0.0000002 BUSD per $TANK (no discount)

Public Premium Tier: 0.00000019 BUSD per $TANK (5% discount)

Public SAFU Tier: 0.00000016 BUSD per $TANK (20% discount)

Pancakeswap listing: TBD

SAFU IDO: Will be announced before the end of this week




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