Community members,

We are finally inching closer and closer! Well, what’s been going on for the past couple of months?

Reorganization of Team

One of the biggest changes has to be the reorganization and induction of the development team. One of the most stellar aspects about SAFU lies with the powerhouse developers that we onboard. Currently, we’ve brought on six more developers to continue building our unique NFT space.


Without giving too much away, the SAFU team is confident that the NFT platform in development tackles almost every aspect of what is lacking in all the NFT platforms out there. Not only is it inclusive of what is currently out there, but we’ve also incorporated multi-layers of utility to really capitalize the meaning of decentralization.

NFT Platform- Barter NFTs like any other platform out there. Perhaps you’ll see even better options to trade NFTs

Lottery- Watch our TANK lottery be reborn into something amazing

Staking- Let’s leave it at “More than just profile pictures”

Launchpad- Launch your NFT projects with ease.

SAFU Tokens? Tank Tokens?

You must be wondering where these play a role within the whole ecosystem. Do not worry. There won’t be a relaunch of the tokens or migrations. Our native tokens currently deployed have been strategically designed to have a place within the ecosystem. It will be in fact, much simpler than now and will be easier to hold knowing the ever-compounding wealth it will bring to you once our platform goes live.

Final Thoughts

Building a platform is not easy. Especially one that is designed to host hundreds of thousands of people a day with millions of transactions. Consider the point above and remember that at SAFU, we don’t play around. When it comes to ensuring the safety of our users as well as developing a seamless platform we will commit everything we have to make sure it happens.

Although our ecosystem will continue to build, we are confident that our earliest supporters will gain access to beta test some features within the coming weeks.

Sneak 1
Sneak 2

Stay tuned on our telegram channel for more updates



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