CEEZEE $SAFU x KAWI world Launchpad

CEEZEE’s very first IDO project going live on the launchpad! To make it even better, we have a very promising NFT gaming platform: KAWI World, that chose to launch through CEEZEE SAFU.

Many of you have questions about the process, so this medium will help guide you through the process. If you don’t know what KAWI World is, be sure to check out our other medium article covering KAWI!


KAWI is a browser based game where users interact in a virtual world and collect lucrative digital assets (NFTs) to expand their kingdom! What’s better is, these NFTs generate their own passive income in the native token $KAWI!


As you can see, there are four different tiers that allocate different amounts to a potential investor.

As a guest, you do not have to hold any $SAFU tokens to participate. But, this will limit you to a small allocation. By holding more $SAFU, you will be entitled to larger allocation amounts, cash-back reward, and a special NFT for the highest tier.

To participate in the Kawi world IDO, there are three possible ways:

  1. Be within the lucky 100 wallets to enter as a ‘guest’.
  2. Already be whitelisted through Kawi world.
  3. Hold $SAFU and meet each tier requirement.

Remember! Every tier is on a First Come First Served basis, so don’t be late to the party!

Fig 1. Just an example. Actual numbers will vary upon launch

After judging where you ‘fit’, head over to the CEEZEE dashboard. You will be able to find the launchpad and see a page like in Fig 1.

You will be able to see the launchpad on the IDO Date:

Tuesday June 15th at 12:00 UTC

You can connect your wallet on the 15th and boom, all done!

$KAWI World Tokenomics

  • Total Token Supply: 147,000,000 $KAWI
  • Total Tokens for sale: 33,810,000 $KAWI
  • SAFU Pool Allocation: 27,930,000 $KAWI
  • Exclusive KAWI Whitelist Community Pool: 5,880,000 $KAWI
  • IDO Price: 1 $KAWI = 0.000115 $BNB
  • PCS Listing Price: 0.000145 $BNB

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