In general, the past couple of months have been incredibly difficult for many of us. As market tossed left and right, both investors and blockchain companies woke up each morning filled with angst.

Despite the harrowing market conditions, the CEEZEE team did not stop.

With one of the best developer teams pushing to hit milestones, CEEZEE is finally ready to unleash our secret weapon.

CEEZEE is proud to introduce a dual-token function to our ecosystem: The $Tank


Tank is a very unique token that has a very complex mechanic behind it. One that has never been seen before: Tank is a Venture Capital company that rewards/empowers holders to be apart of great projects in a very risk free way. How? You may wonder. As a venture capital company, the funds needed are collected via tax every transaction. The unavoidable question of, what about marketing, exposure, demand for volume? This can be answered in a very simple way: Satoshi Street Bets.

In agreement with SSB, one of the largest exposure platforms, they created a unique pitch platform called Ape Tank to sync with the vision of this token. Ape Tank is a pitching platform like Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den that acts as the prerequisite prior to reaching Tank Tokens.

Now, you do the math. Imagine the base requirement to access $Tank funds is through SSB? With weekly pitch sessions and hundreds of great projects that may potentially surface/ require funds, Tank will surely be in high demand for investors seeking the best deals as a seed investor or getting great deals on already existing projects.

What type of fund packages are there?

Gorilla Flex

In this package, the proposing team has a great idea but lacks the resources to achieve his goal. They are seeking total support from raising seed funds to finding developers and designers. If this project passes all areas, Safu Tank team will help designate and appoint appropriate developers and designers to support the project in the initial phase.

Monkey Flex

In this package, the proposing team is only seeking to raise seed funds. Generally, seed rounds are gathered to lure in lucrative businesses for support, or gather initial funds to kickstart the project. As such, seed round investors often get the best deals with a vesting period for their investment.

Any company applying for the Monkey Flex requires a completed smart contract, website, and official channel. This is to show that they are ready and have a semi-working product with tokenomics completed and require the first wave of support to help them make additional payments, hire more developers, or gather support.

Banana Supply

In this package, the proposing team is seeking support/funds on an already working product or token. That means, they have a smart contract, community, and a functioning website. This team would specifically be seeking funds for marketing or development.

For marketing, this team could be wanting to raise exposure through advertisements and/or influencers. For development, this team could be seeking to expand their ecosystem by hiring more developers, designers, and/or exchange listing costs.

How does it work?

Here is an infographic as a team that is seeking funds

Here is an infographic as a $Tank holder

Burning Mechanics: Play to Burn

We are introducing a very unique experience for everyone out there.

Everyone is looking for the coin with the best burning mechanic, or a coin with the best lottery based game that rewards the holder. Why not have both?

Play to burn is a game that does exactly what the title says. You play and you burn $Tank and $Safu tokens.

Using a random number generator (locked in smart contract via BOG VRF), a player will be designated a random number from 1~1000. Each number falls between different tiers that represent different rewards and burn rates.

With each play (either using BUSD, $TANK, or $SAFU), the users now have the power to burn the $Tank tokens and have the chance to win some money on the side.

SAFU and Tank, how do they work together?

The fate of these two coins are heavily intertwined together. There is a very small portion of the tokens available for the SAFU launchpad IDO. This is to set the motion of locking liquidity. The other majority of tokens can be farmed on the SAFU Staking platform that will be launching shortly. Further, the burning mechanism that is engineered via lottery game is fixed to burn both SAFU and TANK tokens at the same time!

The CEEZEE ecosystem is one that wants to provide the safest and the best environment for all types of investors. Tank is a way for users to be a Venture Capitalist as a community.

The information here may be very overwhelming and difficult to absorb. Head over to Tank.ceezee.io and skim through the prototype website that is available! There are tons of information on there as well as a light-paper called “The Manual”.

Sneak peak

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