CEEZEE SAFU: Strikes Back

SAFU Family!

I [Snow] decided to write this medium in first-person as I wanted to deliver a very human experience in the most professional way possible.

I am filled with various emotions as I write this! Ranging from pure excitement to even an apologetic one.

I want to refer to a quote by Reid Hoffman, that just captures the essence of the message we [The CEEZEE team] want to deliver to all of you today.

“First mover Advantage doesn’t go to the company that starts up, it goes to the company that scales up.”

We have seen this year develop in so many various ways. From the ranging hype of memecoins sparked by Doge and Elon, the NFT rage sparked by Cryptopunks and BAYC, all the way to Play 2 Earn games and the metaverse through Axie Infinity.

The SAFU team had a clear moment of clarity a couple of months back. We observed the tides of faith shift before our very eyes and the inkling skepticism unravel to become truth in the present.

One of the strangest phenomena in the crypto market is being able to fill in a niche, and letting that niche catch on and reshape the trend. It’s almost a paradox watching a small attraction quickly blow out of proportion to become the ‘hottest’ idea around.

What we have in store for you is not about being the first mover. It never was. We are data driven, practical, observant, and loyal.

My apologetic tone comes from the fact that we do not wish to disclose what we have ready for you, yet.

What I will do is leave you some hints that will leave you with a sense of curiosity, optimism, and persistence.

Sneak Peek

Some of you may have seen some sneak peeks about our future developments in place. If you haven’t, go through our telegram chat. We are planning to reshuffle some of our structures, to introduce something that is truly groundbreaking (and much needed in the current space). We are quite far into development, but not quite close to completing the product. We are in hopes to launch a fully functioning platform that can hit the ground running without errors.

For those who have been holding on and believing, thank you very much :) Your trust in the dream has not been wasted.

You may be thinking, what the hell was this? Give us more information.

Well, I kind of want to point back to bigger corporations that drop something truly groundbreaking. I think about Steve Jobs right before he introduced the first Iphone. It was completely revolutionary– Yet it also came as a surprise.

We want it to be a surprise… a very good one.

The current trend in our industry today has become tainted to serve the general population by overfeeding and sugar coating information. We will not lead you to delusion, but also not let you bully us to conform to what molds the common shitcoin expectations. We are fully transparent and honest, but that doesn’t mean we will be revealing groundbreaking technology for others to grab first.

Stay frosty, and stay SAFU.

-From Sn0wbear and Team




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