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February and March of 2021 have been an interesting time for altcoins on the Binance Smart Chain market. Primarily, two things really stood out: 1) The insanely low gas fees, making investment more accessible and cost-free, and 2) The explosion of popularity in meme-based tokens that gave parabolic returns.

Although memes are fun and exciting, they can be a double-edged sword: Rewarding the early and killing the late. From an investor’s perspective, the downside of all this is that more people are losing money than locking in profits, and harming innocent investors without a sense of safety. Further, there are many projects with the malintent of ‘rug pulling’ their own projects in creative and evil ways! In the recent past, some projects have ensured user safety by providing security audits and locked liquidity pools as evidence, but these can be meaningless (Won’t list any names, but they are easy finds through a quick Google search).

Is there a way for legitimate projects to make the scene and users have a feeling of safety? Well, yes!

Let’s learn more about the $SAFU launchpad:

The launchpad will have a friendly user interface that will allow the observation of active, upcoming, and finished sales. Additionally, there will be a safety score rating issued depending on the criteria that have been passed prior to listing. Getting listed on the launchpad will require a strict revision from our SAFU team. Failure to meet certain requirements will result in additional fees (More details coming soon). In the end, it will be like any other launchpad out there when it comes to purchasing and receiving your tokens.

Fund Lock-Up:

After the sales, the company can take only 50% amount of raised funds excluding liquidity lock. The other 50% will be stored safely within the $SAFU insurance vault. This lock will be time-vested for three months and sent proportionately at the end of each month. 5% of the total raised funds will remain indefinitely within the $SAFU insurance vault as a form of contractual agreement and safety for investors

Example: A project raises 100 bnb total but locks 70 bnb in liquidity on the SAFU platform. The vested release will only be applied to the BNB outside of the locked liquidity.


The next question is, why use the SAFU launchpad? We are one of a kind truly! We provide an insurance type policy on all of the launch pad products. We will have two types of insurance.

There are two types of insurance guaranteed through $SAFU. The first is automatic and will be guaranteed when using the SAFU launchpad. The second is through additional purchase.

SAFU Guarantee Insurance:

  • After a sale period, if a company launched through our launchpad decides to scam their investors, their time-vested funds will be used to return certain % of initial funds. The returned amount will reflect the amount left.

SAFU Guarantee Plus Insurance:

  • During the sales period, investors will have an option to purchase a personal insurance claim on a project they invest with. This will be calculated by 10% of the total invested amount. This personal insurance will allow users additional returns on top of the SAFU Guarantee Insurance in the native $SAFU token (equivalent to the initial BNB amount they purchased).

Example of Insurance

Let’s say Jim sees a promising project on our SAFU launchpad. He decides to pay 10 BNB for it. If a scam occurs during the first three months of launch, Jim is entitled to claim 4.5 BNB in the first, 3 BNB the second, and 1.5 BNB the last month. If a scam occurs after the time-vested period, Jim is entitled to 0.2 BNB.

Instead, let’s say Jim wanted the Guarantee Plus. He would have paid 10% of his total investment for it. In this case, he would have paid 10 BNB to the project and an additional 1 BNB for the SAFU Guarantee Plus. In the coming months after, if a scam occurs, he would get an additional 20% of the total invested in the $SAFU tokens.

Using the launchpad

Accessing our launchpad will require investors to hold a certain amount of $SAFU in their wallet. Depending on the amount, a tier will be issued (More details to come as allocation amount may differ per desired amount raised by each project).

Look forward to some teasers next week! We have some real slick looking UI- Sn0wbear




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