SAFU family, the SAFU team has been eagerly waiting for the very first launchpad project! Our expected launch was the 10th of June 15:00PM CEST.

As we wanted a fair launch and allow as many people to participate, we had added a guest tier to the launchpad. This new addition of the tier, revealed some errors identified during an internal audit.

To ensure the SAFUty of our investors as well as avoid any loss of funds, the SAFU and Kawi World team decided to push back the launch date to Tuesday June 15th at 12:00 UTC.

Many of you were…

CEEZEE’s very first IDO project going live on the launchpad! To make it even better, we have a very promising NFT gaming platform: KAWI World, that chose to launch through CEEZEE SAFU.

Many of you have questions about the process, so this medium will help guide you through the process. If you don’t know what KAWI World is, be sure to check out our other medium article covering KAWI!


Date: 7th of June 1:00PM-2:30PM CEST


1. Can you tell everyone a bit more about how the team’s experience has led you to KAWI?

2. Can you tell us more about the vision behind KAWI, and how KAWI differs from other projects?

3. Could you tell the community a bit more about your $KAWI token, particularly about the token utility?

4. What are the upcoming plans of KAWI, what key features are you developing?

Community’s Questions:

  • When will we be able to see screenshots?
  • How did you come to name «KAWI»? What does this name mean? Where are you guys from?
  • When…

Safu is excited to announce the first exclusive IDO on our platform!

With great excitement we announce Kawi; The only game on the BSC which pays to play.

Here is a little excerpt from Kawi world!

What is Kawi?

February and March of 2021 have been an interesting time for altcoins on the Binance Smart Chain market. Primarily, two things really stood out: 1) The insanely low gas fees, making investment more accessible and cost-free, and 2) The explosion of popularity in meme-based tokens that gave parabolic returns.

Although memes are fun and exciting, they can be a double-edged sword: Rewarding the early and killing the late. From an investor’s perspective, the downside of all this is that more people are losing money than locking in profits, and harming innocent investors without a sense of safety. Further, there are…

Congratulations to all the whitelisted candidates!

I am sure you have been anticipating results. We sincerely hope that this little donation will help you out tremendously on your endeavors here on out!

Be careful and be SAFU.

Spread the good news (on twitter) so that more rugged souls can find their way to CEEZEE SAFU!

Claim time: 23:59 CEST 18–05–2021

Please find your Twitter handle below (Ctrl +F/ Command F):






@zaolnahk (+Neural Pepe NFT)

@AnishAzeem (+Neural Pepe NFT)

@VillalonRuben (+Neural Pepe NFT)

@Cryptolist4 (+Neural Pepe NFT)

@Elvis93783921 (+Neural Pepe NFT)

@coucouu1991 (+Neural Pepe NFT)


How to whitelist


Our whitelisting period will start from May 9th until May 16th, 2021 (Closing time TBA)

Rugged Charity Swap V1

We will be donating 10 billion $SAFU evenly to all successfully whitelisted candidates (requirements below). Further, we want to thank Neural Pepe and Fox Finance for generously participating in the donations!

You will be able to navigate to the whitelisting chat bot on our official Rugged Charity Swap portal. A bot should activate immediately and start engaging in conversation with you (See Fig.1 below).

The spirit of giving must be in the air! A great thank you to those who have reached out to us with the intention to give, your kind heart will be felt by those fortunate and blessed with your generous gift.

Thank you Neural Pepe for the 10 awesome NFTs that will be going out to the top 10 biggest losses!

Thank you Fox Finance for the 10 awesome NFTs that will be randomly distributed to 10 lucky participants!

Below, you will find a little description about each project! Be sure to check them out!

Thank you for being so patient while we tried to resolve issues with the BSC scan holder load. We have still yet to hear back from BSC scan, and instead have been corresponding with the Etherscan team. Unfortunately, they shared that there was nothing they could do on their end (As Etherscan). Further, we spoke to our pending exchange listing about our problem and was advised to do a contract relaunch for the listing.

After further discussion, we decided as a team to relaunch our smart contract and conduct a manual swap on our main page (Check dates below). We…


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