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Beloved CEEZEE community! Our long awaited lottery is finally in its FINAL finalization stage!

That means, our very own unique buy-back-reward-burn feature will be rolling out VERY soon.

Let me take a moment to reiterate how awesome this is. Unlike any -rise type tokens out there, this feature is decentralized. How so? You as the user get to manipulate the pool that is specifically allocated to buy-back and burn $SAFU and $TANK tokens.

These tokens that are bought back ultimately get burned and are removed out of circulation forever. Furthermore, 10% of the buyback amount is returned back to the…

Question 1: Tell us about your project

Response: VICEWRLD is a decentralised 18 + Digital playground . It’s fast , safe , scalable and super sexy . We offer an immersive world and all in one platform solution solving multiple problems within the adult industry. We are a home for the KINKSTERS and vicewrld doesn’t focus on the unattainable rather we offer a space for likeminded people to connect and explore.

We are a sex worker led project and support our creators in many ways not just by offering lower fees but also by solving traffic problems and supporting them…

The third IDO is coming to the SAFU Launchpad!

What is Vicewrld

Vicewrld aims to be the all in one solution for the sexually free. Providing a private, safe, immersive and inclusive space to work and play.

Redistribution the power exchange within sex work and helping to reduce the impact of trafficking across the globe. Vicewrld will forge partnerships with industry leaders and has a scalable business model offering excellent returns for investors.

The #Vice token will be key in acting as a utility token to engage in the unique ecosystem. From online tipping, NFT purchases, pay per view messages, innovative advertising, and more! …

It has come to our attention that there is an exploit that has been uncovered and addressed. As a matter of fact, you may have fallen victim to the abuse of this tiny loophole that allows the siphoning of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

If you have invested, and or are currently holding reflection/redistribution tokens, this may apply to YOU.

During our investigation, we have identified a series of unexplainable micro-sells that are either unnoticed or written off as bots manipulating buys/sells (e.g., front-running). …

To participate in the CEEZEE IDO, you must be a $SAFU holder.

By holding a certain amount, you will be placed in a certain tier that unlocks an allocation amount. Of course, the more you hold, the higher that allocation becomes.

Take a look at the image below and identify the different perks for this IDO.

Buckle in because this is going to be a long medium post!

Welcome, to one of the very first community powered Venture Capital company in the world.

The beginning

Tank started development many moons ago. While working in close collaboration and cooperation with SatoshiStreetBets, there were several areas of needs that quickly surfaced.

One of the biggest problem that rose (and continues to rise) is the over saturation of meme tokens that beckon a quick pump and dump. Although winners feel ecstatic with their gains, legitimate project owners are left feeling used and abused. …

Some of you may be wondering how Play to Burn (P2B) works.

Play to burn is a very unique game that is available on the CEEZEE Tank platform. It is an additional feature that allows users to interact + freely trigger the buyback and burn mechanics that many tokens implement per transaction (Or some.. manually).

It costs 5 BUSD (or $SAFU and $Tank equivalent) to play.

There is a random number generator from 1–1000 that triggers different amounts of buy back. Based on the number, you get placed within 6 different tiers.

To maintain the transparency and integrity of the…

In general, the past couple of months have been incredibly difficult for many of us. As market tossed left and right, both investors and blockchain companies woke up each morning filled with angst.

Despite the harrowing market conditions, the CEEZEE team did not stop.

With one of the best developer teams pushing to hit milestones, CEEZEE is finally ready to unleash our secret weapon.

CEEZEE is proud to introduce a dual-token function to our ecosystem: The $Tank


Tank is a very unique token that has a very complex mechanic behind it. One that has never been seen before: Tank is…

February and March of 2021 have been an interesting time for altcoins on the Binance Smart Chain market. Primarily, two things really stood out: 1) The insanely low gas fees, making investment more accessible and cost-free, and 2) The explosion of popularity in meme-based tokens that gave parabolic returns.

Although memes are fun and exciting, they can be a double-edged sword: Rewarding the early and killing the late. From an investor’s perspective, the downside of all this is that more people are losing money than locking in profits, and harming innocent investors without a sense of safety. Further, there are…


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